The Doors of Perception is one of the best books about our perception and how it can be affected by some external factors like for instance drugs.

Huxley writes in the first part of the book – amongst of other things – about role of human brain and how its working can be affected by drugs. Apparently, human brain works like a valve cutting off abundance of signals from our both external and internal worlds, to help us to survive.

animated 3d model of particle of mescaline
Particle of mescaline in 3d, courtesy of

However, it is still unclear, why we can see more colours than we really need to survive – just one of only few exceptions confirming the rule, that the less we perceive the more able we are to fight to survive in the jungle of material “real” world. As such, the point is, that with HUGELY decreased perception we are more fit to survive. When the valve of our brain is open more or less with help of drugs like Mescalin (2-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)ethanamine), Lysergic acid diethylamide (lysergic acid called LSD), alcohol, nicotine etc. we are able to see and feel things totally imaginable before. It has both positive and negative sides, and can be achieved also on advanced levels of meditation (which can easily exceed performance of drugs).

In my opinion without LSD most of the best 60-70s music hits would not exist. Just look for why Motörhead is named as Motörhead and what it meant at times when the band was created. What could we say about Motörhead’s best hit Ace of Spades? That it is perfect. Most musicians say, that drugs didn’t have much influence on their creation, but – with a few exceptions – they lie, in my opinion.

Is using drugs safe? This is true, that some powerful drugs don’t have addiction power, but in general the bad part of drugs paradise is fact that more often than not, it ends in social degradation. After what you have seen on the other side of doors of perception, the world as it is after return, seems to be blank and boring. And, well, don’t forget that drugs are very expensive.